ECNG Energy

Your goal is to lower your energy costs, reduce your risk and improve your bottom-line. Our mission at ECNG ENERGY is to help you achieve your goals.

Whether assessing your supply needs, evaluating your forecasting methods, simplifying your budgeting or facilitating your Requests For Proposal (RFPs), ECNG has the ability to minimize your exposure…and your expenditures.

ECNG is Canada’s largest energy procurement company—buying more than $1B annually in energy commodity on behalf of its clients. Unlike traditional re-sellers, ECNG ENERGY does not profit from the sale of electricity or natural gas.

Reduce Costs Simplify Energy Budgeting
Risk Management Go Green

We are an independent energy consulting firm providing cost saving solutions to businesses across North America.

At ECNG ENERGY, we focus all of our energy on procuring and managing yours.

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