ECNG provides strategic energy management & procurement solutions

We provide a full suite of energy solutions that cover the full spectrum of the energy value chain from the point of extraction to your meter.

Our Strategic energy procurement helps you spend less on the energy you buy

Strategic Procurement

We help you save time and money on your natural gas or power spend. This has been our expertise for three decades

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Load Profiling

We match insights into your energy consumption patterns with future energy prices

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Strategy Preparation

We match your load profile with market intelligence to build a strategy for sourcing input costs

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Energy Budgeting

By forecasting your future energy spend we help you to avoid risk and spend your money wisely

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We optimize your office facility so you cut down on the energy you use

Energy Efficiency Audits

We offer cost savings through energy retrofits that curtail your energy consumption

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Grant Rebate Programs

By helping you take advantage of existing programs, we can help optimize your facility infrastructure

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Facility Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your energy consumption helps us find opportunities for efficiencies

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Utility Intervention

Our administrative service team can help monitor and cut the costs of your utility spend

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Our full suite of solutions helps continually optimize your energy spend

Market Intelligence

Our market reports and intelligence help you stay informed about new opportunities

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Custom Reporting

Our custom reports provide you with detailed information about your energy consumption and spend

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Financial Services

We can lower your energy expenditures by helping you build your relationship with financiers

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Turn Key Solutions

By assembling every aspect of your energy strategy, we save you money as your one-stop shop

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